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Welcome to Center Lake Ranch

Center Lake Ranch (CLR) is a vision of urban, suburban and rural integration and preservation. CLR is located east of Narcoossee Road (also known
as CR 15), north of Nova Road (also known as CR 532), south of Jones Road and culminating at Lake Center to the east. Center Lake Ranch seeks
to annex the property into the City of St. Cloud, amend the future land use designation to Mixed Use (MX) and rezone the property to MIX (Mixed Use).

A fully connected and integrated circulation system of streets, multi-use trails, pedestrian and bicycle facilities are designed into the CLR development pattern. This circulation system provides residents with convenient, highly accessible mutes to complementary amenities and uses. Designed principally
as a pedestrian scale community, the Center Lake Master Plan provides shorter, pedestrian scale blocks and a continuous curvilinear grid that provides additional routes and maximizes street frontage.

Increasing the number of potential destinations within walking distance by increasing street frontage and making the pedestrian routes direct and varied,
this form of design maximizes the viability of walking and other non-automobile modes of travel. While still providing more than sufficient automotive infrastructure, focusing on the pedestrian. CLR will become a healthy, active community.

Center Lake Ranch
Name:  Center Lake Ranch 
Size:  2015 acres
Location:  Ralph Miller Road, St. Cloud, Fl.
Zoning:  Agricultural
County:  Osceola
Comments:  Fully Entitled
Contact:  Jimmy Caruso Jr    
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